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Welcome to a business and an industry exploding around the world with a simple product revolutionizing people's lives. You have stepped into a company and an opportunity that is creating financial freedom for people across the world.

Real Health Marketing and Training Corp. was established to serve a large increasing demand for Vitamin C in non-acidic Sodium Ascorbate form in the Philippines. EXCELLEN- C is sodium ascorbate at its best in pure crystalline form and is the "king" of alkaline Vitamin C's.

Our goal is to add a very affordable health supplement.
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13 Dec
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  • Ver Chiu

    The findingÖout of 0 to 4 ..which is the normal..ah size I had a reading of 8.1 , dumoble na yun sa maximum ng normal of 4Ö 8.1 during that time were taking another vitamin C still sodium ascorbate and I was prescribed with mega dose of 7 capsules 3 times a dayÖ7 x 3 thatís 21 capsules a per day. Now..after 2 months of using it another test came with a report that my the size the enlargement was decreased by from 8.1 it became to there was a decrease using vitamin C because of that the finding the doctor said Öitís ok as long as itís notÖthe size is ok so long it doesnít goes up..itís ok. So with that I was already sort of at peace so I reduce my intake to about 5 to 4 capsules 3 times a after 3 months again I had another test the result came with 7.5 went up by .4..ok? now..again, he said itís ok..just continue what youíre doing as long as it doesnít go up..ahh.. too high itís okÖitís normal for men of a 40 for the prostate to be enlarge 3 months again I had test the result came to 8.1 it again went up..ok, but then I was taking the normal of ahh, intake of the regular vitamin C, October of this year I had another test the result was 8.5 ..went up , so the doctor said ..ahh..wel continue but wel have to serve that ok, in December youíll have another test, so this December last week I had another test..through the power of ExcellenC because since October ok, I birthed back to taking mega dose of 7 capsules 3 x a day. Now, it was ExcellenC ..ah before the previous months it was already ExcellenC because we wer already member of ExcellenC. But I was not taking mega dose it was only starting October until December thatís the continuous daily of 21 capsules..the result of the recent PSA test Öif you will be happy for meÖwas now 2.5 ..thatís only normal because normal reading is from 0 to 4 ..ok now, where do I attribute that say you said Miracle? Of course first, from the Lord above cause it was with a prayer, faith and the belief of things that will happen..positive things will happen, and belief should be done with action and the action of that of was taken a mega dose of, many of you have any doubt I have here the result of the test of the capitol medical ..medical center so thatís the on..thatís the good news that Iíd like to share with you..Iíve now for people who are absent this evening who are still looking for buried treasures somewhere else Öyou should not, you should come back to their home in ExcellenC, Real Health Marketing

  • Cristy Magpayo

    I've been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome since 2011 giving me difficulty sleeping. I was twice injected with steroids to ease the pain but it wonít go away. But since I started taking EXCELLEN-C for 2 months with 2 capsules a day, it eased the pain. However, with that dosage there is still pain. Then I decided to increase my dosage to 6 capsules a day (2 in the morning, 2 during lunchtime, 2 before bedtime) and I was amazed the pain is 90% gone. I can only feel the numbness at the tip of my fingers and can comfortably sleep now. Iím on my 7 month after my second injection and Iím not seeing my doctor anymore. Iím so grateful for having been introduced to EXCELLEN-C Sodium Ascorbate and no longer taking Lyrica.

  • Belen Reyes

    I have a 16- year old Son who has allergic rhinitis. Before I often bring him to his Pedia to treat his allergy. But now, that he has been taking EXCELLEN-C, we have not been to his doctor for Months! Even his doctor wondered what happened to him.

  • MoroŮa Family

    "These things are Excellent and profitable for everyone" (Titus3:8). My name is Albert MoroŮa, married to Girlie Lim MoroŮa. Father of one, Shem and at the same time a business owner. The EXCELLEN-C business is a blessing not only to us but to all the people who believe in the REAL HEALTH business opportunity.

    I have a dream:

    When I was a child, I had a dreamt about an eagle flying in the sky, now that Iíve started doing the EXCELLEN-C business in Real Health marketing, Iím beginning to spread my wings and fly together with my eagle team.

    Continuous Improvement:

    As I keep improving myself with my wife Girlie, the EXCELLEN-C business is also becoming bigger. I wish to thank all the leaders who are helping me in this business my Eagle upline, Lito and Ellen Moldes and my direct upline Abbi Tolentino, for inviting me to attend the wonderful opportunity SSS (Sure Step 2 Success) Training last January 2013. I also, thank the REAL HEALTH Team, especially to sir Sonny, sir Jerry, Ptr. Hugh, Maíam Ofel, Maíam Nica, Marlon & Rose. Because of them Iíve learned a lot! I love these people, their patience and gentle conversations with me. I learned how to improve myself, how to have the right attitude and develop good habits, Thatís why Iím very thankful to Admin people!

    Reasons for doing the Business:

    I believe in this saying ďNo amount of success can compensate for failure in the family.Ē This is the main reason that we are building this business for our family, we dream of a better life with and for them thatís free from constraints of time and moneyĖthe kind of freedom that increases our giving as a way of showing our gratitude to God for his faithfulness.

    Health is Wealth:

    I was worried about our problems, as I have an esophageal disease. If I eat too much protein, sugar, coffee or anything that contains acid, my stomach aches. I felt my wifeís health was becoming worse too as she was always feeling tired and always has a runny nose. Then I bought Sodium Ascorbate; EXCELLEN-C which is alkaline and natural, in just 1 month we felt our immune system has become stronger. Using the product for almost 3months my stomach became nicer. Many people think that wealth is about being rich and having lots of money; what do you think?

    Hard Work:

    Getting to a higher income in EXCELLEN-C business is not easy. We have to travel for miles to reach our people to show them the business and share the product for them to know how great EXCELLEN-C is. "Through this business opportunity of EXCELLEN-C, I found my purpose in life for we want to be a blessing to others."

    Finding the Excellent and right attitude:

    In this business I learned to become a winner and never a loser; to be pro-active, not reactive; to be positive and never negative. "Thereís Power in the Positive Attitude"